Pony online.jpeg

Our Exmoor Pony

2022, Coloured Pencil 45cmx47cm" image, framed in a deep brown wood. £950.00

Like all my artworks, Our Exmoor Pony is drawn solely in coloured pencil, 'Exmoor through the lens' captured her amongst a heard on Exmoor, trying to capture their stride and beauty in their coat of armour that braves so many weathers on our moor. The largest of my portraits to date.

Black Lab and Bee.jpg

Lab and Bee (SOLD)

2021, Coloured Pencil 16"x18" image, framed in black.

On opening my Art gallery in which Anne Mortimer and I use as our studio I revisited a special Black Labrador portrait which started me off on my journey of portraits in 2012. This is a special image of a wise dog and his lack of interest in the bee.

Highland cow.jpg

Just you and Me

2021, Coloured Pencil 16"x20" image, framed in Oak. £280.00

Like all my artworks, Just you and Me the Highland Cow is drawn solely in coloured pencil, capturing the wonderful moment in which the local photographer, Exmoor through the lens, felt as if it was only them alone stood on the top of Porlock Hill for a moment in time.


Standing Proud

2021, Coloured Pencil 16"x18" image, framed in Oak. £280.00

Our Stag, the symbol of Exmoor proudly giving the 'I am watching you' stare at our talented local photographer Keith Long.